Birthday Cake Bonanza – Classy and Elegant

It started with a message – “I need a cake”

When one of your oldest friends needs something, you work your best to give them what they want.  And what he wanted was a classy and elegant cake for his wife’s  upcoming big birthday.

After some photo sharing and discussion, it came down to a chocolate cake, decorated in black and white but no flowers.

This was the result:


Two tiers of fudgey chocolate cake. White fondant stencilled with edible black shimmer dust.  Rhinestone ribbon to add some bling and sparkle.

Every cake I commit to making is a new learning experience for me.  This cake was no exception.  I have always said that I was not into making cakes covered in fondant.  I don’t like eating it, so I don’t work with it.  But sometimes, some cake visions require fondant.

I decorate my cakes through trial and error and a ton of experimentation.  Though I have taken cake baking classes, I have not been educated formally in the art of cake decorating.  Unless Youtube counts…

This cake stressed me out.  My first layer of fondant cracked and fell apart.  The second wasn’t perfect.  The stencilling was a little messy, but improved with each one I worked on.  I loved the way the ribbon looked.

In the end, I learned what to do or not do.  The cake was yummy.  And I had some happy friends.



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