Salmon Quinoa Patties

My mom gave me a couple cans of salmon.  I don’t ordinarily buy this for myself.  But since I had them, I needed to figure out a way to eat it.  A quick scan of the cupboard and salmon quinoa patties seemed to be the way to go.

Take the salmon out of the can and begin to break it apart, pulling out any little remnants of bones you find.   Then add some dill (always a good complement to salmon), salt, pepper,  panko, some cooked quinoa and eggs to bind.  Mix it all up.  I had some frozen kale and squash on hand so I threw that in too.



Then form into patties, any size you want.  Mine are more an appetizer size, couple bites and then on to the next one. 


I drizzled some olive oil on them and put into the oven for about 1/2 hour or until they started to go golden.  Then take them out and let cool. 

To go along with them, I made a lemon tahini dressing.  Inspired by the Starbucks lemon tahini dressing served with their hearty vegetable said, I felt this would be nice dipping sauce for these patties.  Tahini is a sesame paste often used in Middle Eastern dishes.   It is a main ingredient in hummus.  With the addition of lemon juice, garlic powder and olive oil, you have a delicious dressing or dipping sauce.


Voila! Salmon quinoa patties with lemon tahini dressing!  Try it as an app or as the main protein of your dinner!  =)


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