Baby Blueberry Bundt Cakes

I went to hang out with my Peep D and her new addition Baby N.  What a cutie! It made my day to catch up, laugh and be entertained by the little one.  For this visit, I made some baby blueberry bundt cakes.

Another Peep of mine let me borrow her baby bundt cake pan and I was excited to put it to use.  photo 1-38

The batter, tons of blueberries!photo 2-38

Baby blueberry bundt cakes all done.  Love how the blueberries pop in the oven, releasing their juices and adding tye dyed like colour to the golden cakes.  When a bite is taken, there’s a slight tartness that contrasts to the sweetness of the cake.  Perfect with some afternoon tea.  =)

photo 3-34

photo 4-22

photo 5-18

Streusel and Betty – After the Slice

So finally sliced up my class experiments from the weekend.

Behold the apple brown betty:


Very crumbly and super sweet. Would taste great warm and with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream or creme anglaise. Apples were still crisp and a bit tart which was welcome against the super sweet graham crust. I think next time I’ll cut down on the sugar content.


Now for the blueberry streusel:

Wow, blueberries!!


I liked the pastry dough crust. It gave the creation some structure. The blueberries could have been a bit sweeter. Fresh berries would work well in future.

I am undecided about which one I like best. They each have their downfalls and their merits. I can say however I know exactly how I would improve them next time and that’s probably most important to me. =)

Just another Cheesecake and another…

I remember when I used to think making a cheesecake was so difficult.  Then I made one and now it has become a staple in my baking repertoire.  It’s the only dessert I can make without looking at a recipe. 

This one is flavoured with vanilla and lemon.  For a crust I used crushed up Arrowroot cookies because I had them on hand.  Then I garnished with strawberries. 

Then I made this next cheesecake for an old and dear friend and his wife who are celebrating the birth of their first child only a few days ago.  Here’s a “Welcome to the World” lemon flavoured cheesecake with homemade blueberry sauce on top. 

Stay tuned for more cheesecake…   =)