Saturdays are made for fun breakfasts

Decided to have some fun with breakfast today.  Egg in the hole toast and bacon.

Bread from my Friday farmer’s market visit.  Super soft and fresh.  Cookie cutter to the middle and in goes  the egg.  Now, I toasted this in the oven since I was making something else and wanted to kill two birds with one stone.


Making coffee with my french press while waiting for my egg in the hole toast to finish up.  Ethical Bean Coffee from my Little Life Box.   A tiny bit of sugar and almond milk added.

Voila, Saturday breakfast is served.  Egg in the hole toast, shredded non dairy cheese from Daiya Foods,  bacon, french pressed coffee and pineapple juice.  I’m ready for my day! =)

Someone Made It, I Ate It – The Q

Sunday brunch time again. Today’s event was held at The Q.

The former location of St. Hubert’s, a restaurant my family and I used to frequent when I was younger, this building holds some nostalgic feelings me. I was happy to try The Q for some brunch grub with my peeps.



Fresh fruit!


Bacon stuffed waffle!




The Q’s menu was chocked full of yummy dishes. Although, I felt I should have gone with one of the more elaborate items (waffles Benny), sometimes simple is good enough. Tons of bacon stuffed in this basic waffle. Everything is better with bacon! Maple syrup and strawberry fro-yo made for the perfect salty/sweet combo.

Another enjoyable meal =)