Minty Fudge Brownies

In the air:

This Is What It Feels Like – Armin van Buuren ft. Trevor Guthrie
Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Fine Without You – Armin van Buuren

Are you like me? On your jaunts to the grocery store, you somehow manage to pick up a bunch of items NOT on your grocery list? Do you justify it by saying “it’s on sale” or “I know I can use this in something”? Then you open one of your kitchen cupboards and realize what a disaster they were because they were stuffed full of all the extra items you bought for no good reason?

My cupboards were in need of some purging. Thus, baking was in order.

The core of this baking adventure was mint chocolate chips.


The chips were melted with some butter.




Off the heat, I added brown sugar, eggs, vanilla and flour.




Love this one bowl recipe. I’m all about minimal cleanup. Batter was poured into a pan then into the oven to bake.


Voila minty fudge brownies!






Fantastic mint aroma, almost refreshing. Then you were hit by the warm smell of cocoa and you realize the chocolatey goodness that sits before you. Cakey texture, a little crumbly but ridiculously moist and soft. Thank you, to the four eggs used in the recipe. I thought about using an extra half cup of mint chips just so I could use up the stash entirely. I’m glad I didn’t, the brownies had just the perfect hint of mint, not an overpowering taste. Delish! =)

Black and White Brownies

I had a day off from my weekend baking class and I thought I would take a break from the kitchen. But I could not resist the call of the oven and its whispers of “bake something”. But what to bake? Something to ease my chocolate craving. What better than some gooey brownies? And to cover the chocolate bases, I would make black and white brownies. A little dark, a little white, a whole lot of goodness.

This recipe involved making two sets of brownies and baking them in the same pan. On a double boiler, I melted white chocolate, sugar and butter in one bowl and then dark chocolate, sugar and butter in another.




Once melted and cooled slightly, an egg was added each bowl. A little vanilla to the white chocolate mixture. Then flour was folded into each.





When both were mixed, with really no rhyme or reason, I dumped spoonfuls of batter in to the prepared pan. Mixed it up, swirled it, marbled it. Then into the oven.


Freshly baked. They smell amazing!!





Gorgeous marbling pattern. Each square is a fantastic bite of dark chocolate and buttery white chocolate. Craving satisfied. =)

Black Bean What? Part 2

Baking Tunes:
Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child
Hannah Georgas – Somebody
Meiko – Boys with Girlfriends

So, remember this post? Well, I added cocoa, quick oats, maple syrup, vegetable oil, vanilla and baking powder to the black beans. Notice there are no eggs or flour in this recipe. I am making flourless black bean brownies.


Using my blender, I mixed the ingredients together until smooth. This took some time, my blender isn’t the best.



The batter was poured into my prepared pan and chocolate chips sprinkled all over.

Freshly baked.




As I was blending the batter, I was essentially making what looked like a black bean dip. I tasted a bit before the chocolate chips were added, the batter was thick and yes, definitely tasted of bean. I was anxious to see how these brownies would come out. The smell of cocoa wafted in the air as they baked. They had to cool for about 20 minutes before I cut them. But when I finally did, the brownies were really soft and not crumbly at all. With each bite, you catch the sweetness of the chocolate chips, but the finishing taste is slightly black bean. The texture was like that of fudge but with each bite, I could tell there were oats in this recipe. I feel that if I had blended longer, it would have been much smoother. I was pleasantly surprised with how these turned out. I really feel that if I didn’t say there was black bean in these, no one would be able to really tell. =)