Bier Markt Brunches

Did anyone know that Bier Markt served brunch?  Well, they do.  I had no idea and was pleasantly surprised at what was on the menu.

Click to access Mobile%20Menu%20-%20Brunch.pdf

Since discovering brunch at the Bier Markt, I have graced their tables twice now.  I’m all  about brunch!

Round One, ordered the Benedict schnitzel – two poached eggs, panko-crusted chicken cutlet, English Ale muffin, lingonberry hollandaise paired with an orange biersicle – Erdinger Weissebier, Galliano, blood orange soda or adult orange as I like to call it.

IMG_8557 IMG_8556 IMG_8558

What I loved most about the food was the perfectly made schnitzel.  It was so nicely breaded and fried, not greasy.  The lingonberry hollandaise was creamy and I really enjoyed the sweetness of the berries.  When I finished eating, I was already craving it again.

It was this craving that made me decide to go back for another brunch.  But then, I went over the menu again and the brioche french toast which comes with two sunny side up eggs, apple sage sausage, warm maple syrup, preserved fruit compote.  For a drink, I went with the swedish mojito – Somersby Apple Cider, strawberry coulis, fresh mint and Swedish berries. IMG_8654 IMG_8653

The french toast tasted great.  A hint of cinnamon and sweetness in the egg batter.  The sage apple sausage paired up nicely with the lingonberry fruit compote.  I won’t lie, I secretly hoped it would taste like the apple sausages I had discovered in Mesa, Arizona.

Sadly, not close at all, but still delicious.  The swedish mojito was dangerous, tasted like juice and the alcoholic kick was well hidden.  A great summer patio drink.

If I had to pick between the two meals, I would go with the schnitzel.  Something about all the flavours and textures makes me keep wanting more.

Until the next brunch! =)

Le Brunch at Brassaii

Nothing like a good Sunday brunch to celebrate the birthday of one of my Peeps with a bunch of other fun Peeps.  But what’s even better is when the brunch morphs into an experience so entertaining, you can’t help but think, damn, I’m so happy I went.

Brassaii is a restaurant and lounge located in Toronto’s King West District.  It’s a stylish and sophisticated place to grab a drink or some dinner.  In the last couple of years, Brassaii has begun holding themed brunches on Sundays.  Dates are not overly advertised and it is by reservation only.  I’m no stranger to this place having been there for other birthdays and Summerlicious events.  Having had good experiences there in the past, I was looking forward to this brunch.

The theme?  The Great White!Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 9.13.50 PM


Beyond the black curtain and red doors, you find the restaurant bright and airy.  Confetti litters the floor and the tables are simply set and clean.  Stylishly dressed men and women fill up the tables and excited energy begins to build.  Beats play in the background.

Sipping on a mimosa and various other spirits while waiting for orders to be taken for brunch.


The Menu for today. IMG_6843

My picks – Salmon, Duck Confit Hash followed by the Maple Baked Alaska. IMG_6850







Suddenly, the empty plates are cleared and curtains are shut.  The lights turn off and are replaced by low coloured lights and sparklers. The drinks flow, champagne is poured,  the music is turned up loud and next thing you know, people are up and moving.  And then a Bear and a Moose show up and start giving you shots….






This is just tiny glimpse of my evening.  It’s all I’m willing to give away.  It was an evening of excess and indulgence, but I was damn happy to have been there. =)

Gluttony!!!! Part II

Sunday began early with a burger for breakfast. Then it was off to church to see Baby K, the son of one of my good Peeps, be baptized. After the service we were off to Glen Abbey Golf Club for Sunday brunch to celebrate the baptism AND Baby K’s first birthday.





20130630-203959.jpg The lush golf greens.

Inside, we were treated to tables full of food – breakfast staples like omelettes, bacon, eggs benedict, prime rib, seafood, salads, waffles and of course dessert! I was a fan of a fish, shrimp and gyoza dish.


















Check out the birthday boy’s cake.


20130630-205118.jpg Chocolate inside.

Delicious and beautifully presented food. Such variety, the pickiest eater would find something to love. I did steer clear of most of the meats this day – bacon, sausages, prime rib. After Ribfest, I was a little weary of eating any more meat. The salads were flavourful and bright. Loved the shrimp, fish, gyoza dish. Filled up on crisp veggies and perogies and yes, had several plates of desert. The caramel cheesecake and mini creme brûlée owned my taste buds. If there was a day to have a bottomless stomach, this was the day.

An awesome meal. Celebrating Baby K growing up. Being with my awesome Peeps laughing, eating, joking and catching up. It has been a fantastic weekend yet again. =)