Someone Made It, I Ate It – Yellow Griffin

I met up with a long-time Peep of mine and her son Little K, for a Friday night dinner at the Yellow Griffin located near Bloor and Runneymede.

I am a frequenter of this area and have walked by this establishment on numerous occasions.  The word on the street is that they have the best burgers on Bloor.  I was about to finally find out if this was true.

Patio Sitting, beer drinking, street watching. image-12 image-13

A small establishment, a few tables and booths inside.  Their menu includes traditional pub fare, kids meals and an array of 35 unique burger creations.  With any you can pick the type of burger – beef, turkey, lamb, chicken, salmon or bison and you pick a side – Grif Fries, sweet potato fries. salads, poutine.  Their burgers take 20 minutes to cook and create, so best order early!

I opted for the Big Stilton Burger – Beef burger with walnuts, roasted garlic, Stilton blue cheese and a side of Grif Fries.

image-16 image-15

I knew I would enjoy this burger before seeing it because it was topped with ingredients I love each on their own.  Imagine them all in one spot together! The burger was think and cooked perfectly, still juicy.  Just enough garlic and blue cheese to complement each other and not overwhelm.  Perfect amount of crispy, fresh fries.

A definite recommend for the Yellow Griffin! =)

Chicken Quinoa Lentil Burgers

In the Air – Coldplay vs. Booka Shade – Essential Midnight


Sunday cooking, making lunch for the upcoming day.  Always enjoyable.  I had some ground chicken that I wanted to use, but what to make?

Perusing my cupboards, I decided to make chicken burgers with quinoa and lentils.  To start, I cook the quinoa and lentils.  Together in one pot, they take the same time to be ready.  A little beef bouillon in the water to flavour. photo 1-39

photo 2-39

I wait until the quinoa lentil mixture is cool before adding it to the lean ground chicken along with some garlic salt and pepper, oregano, ground red pepper. photo 3-35


Now to get down and dirty.  Hands in, mix it up and form some burgers. IMG_7308


The burgers are then baked for about an hour or until the meat is cooked thoroughly – 75 Degrees Celsius.





Super flavourful, super filling and paired with some veggies, makes a yummy lunch =)

Someone Made It, I Ate It – Turtle Jacks

Lunch at Turtle Jacks on this frosty March 3rd.  I’m off from work and enjoying my day.


A glass of Los Arboles Malbec. IMG_7272

Everything on the menu was so appetizing, but I went with the apple and Brie burger.  Fries and gravy on the side. IMG_7273



Apple. Check. Brie. Check. Burger. Check. Mustard. Check. All things I love to eat.

Always room for dessert.  This one came with a candle for me to blow out.  Here’s hoping my wishes come true. =)IMG_7276