Joh and the Chocolate Factory

No baking class for me this weekend due to recovering from a day out at the Blue Jays game and then opting to partake in a chocolate making class Sunday afternoon instead.


Jays lost despite a home run from my brother from another mother Jose, and an attempted comeback in the ninth inning.  No matter, I always have fun at Jays games and everything is better with a few beers and some bar grub after with a  bunch of Peeps.

A few months back, I came across a Groupon deal for a chocolate making workshop held by a company called Chocolate Tales:

Chocolate Tales offers workshops around the city on basic chocolate works, truffles and sweet and savoury treats.  I decided to try the sweet and savoury treats workshop along with my Peep M.  Off to The Mad Bean. IMG_7676


The tables all set up for us.



In front of us we had truffle shells, pretzels, tasting cups and since various spices – salt, ginger, cumin, cayenne, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg – which we paired with our chocolate.IMG_7682

Our workshop leader “Cocoa” Janelle, an energetic and outgoing soul with blue hair, began with a spirited history of chocolate.  Where it was discovered (South America), where it comes from (Cacao Tree) and what are its health benefits (flavonoids, theobromine, lessens cravings for sweets, magnesium).  IMG_7688


She paired chocolate with the various spices above and provided us tasters so we could see how they worked together.  I especially liked the chocolate paired with nutmeg, ginger and cayenne.  She then walked us through some simple truffle making.  We filled our truffles with chocolate infused with balsamic vinegar and white chocolate with lemon oil as well as the good old standards of milk and dark chocolate.  We used our spices to change-up flavours and then proceeded to dip our pretzels in chocolate and dip in cocoa.  I never realized how nicely white chocolate and lemon oil worked together.   It gave me an idea to try for a cake I’m making in a few weeks (stay tuned).





In the end I was in a chocolate coma, but happy to take home my creations in cute little yellow boxes.  It was an informative, messy, yummy and creative few hours in chocolate heaven. =)

“A Good Laugh and a Long Sleep are the Two Best Cures” – Irish Proverb