Birthday Shortcake

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I am thankful for the people in my life that I can truly call friends.  The ones that have always been there to happily share my highs and comfort me in my lows but are honest enough to tell me when I need to snap out of it and get over myself. 

The least I could do for one of my friends is to bake her a birthday cake.  Not just any cake but her favourite – A Strawberry Shortcake. 

I followed a recipe taught to me in bake class but I had to split the formula because I only wanted to make one cake.  The cake is simply made of eggs, sugar, bread flour, vanilla and salt to taste.  The eggs, sugar, vanilla and salt are whipped for about 12 – 15 minutes, just until the mixture rises, looks fluffy but is firm in consistency.  Once that is achieved, the flour is folded in by hand until well incorporated.  I have one extra step I include, but it’s my little secret.  Perhaps if you are observant you will figure it out.  Let me know if you think you know. 

The batter is poured into greased round cake pans and into the oven they go.  Now, I won’t lie, I had a little bit of a panic attack watching these bake.  At the end of the suggested 20 minute bake time at 200 degrees, the cake was nowhere near done.  I waited another 10 minutes and still the same.  I began to worry that I had ruined the formula and measured incorrectly.  I decided to turn up the heat to 300 degrees.  Success, baked cakes after 20 more minutes. 

I split the cakes in half so that I would have layers to work with.  First layer down, a sweep of simple syrup, a thin layer of whipped cream, a layer of fresh Ontario strawberries, more whipped cream, layer down and repeat.  Finally, I masked the cake with more whipped cream.  Rosettes on top, strawberry garnish.  Strawberry Shortcake done! Happy Birthday Ching =)

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