Summerlicious 2014 – Lamesa Filipino Kitchen

Oh Lamesa, you’re starting to become a regular place to visit, but I’m ok with that.  2014 is the first year that Lamesa participated in Toronto’s Summerlicious event.  Their menu was a modern take on Filipino food.  I put more emphasis on modern than Filipino, but delicious none the less.

To begin, a little Ontario Riesling wine with some fruit.  So light and refreshing, I had to ask what the wine was.  Simply told a Niagara region wine.  Guess I’ll be on the hunt now for it.


The First Course:

Halo Halo Sisig
Chicken, pork and beef with chilies, garlic, onion topped with a crispy fried egg
Green Mango Salad
Sour green mango, heirloom carrots, arugala, cornicks and bagoong caramel
Mung bean noodles, beans, carrots and cabbage

I opted for the Halo Halo Sisig – My Favourite.  It’s like breakfast and dinner together in one skillet.


Fried Chicken Adobo
Crispy fried chicken with pickled chayote, garlic puree, and adobo reduction served with grilled corn
Ginataan Gulay
Roasted squash, beans, greens, and eggplant in coconut milk served with rice
Sarsi Sticky Ribs
Grilled pork ribs with a sarsi glaze served with coconut coleslaw

My choice for the 2nd course was the Sarsi Sticky Ribs.  Sarsi is a soft drink available in the Philippines which can be compared to root beer.

IMG_8449 IMG_8450

Jackfruit Creme Brulee
Jackfruit and Carnation milk custard
Ovaltine Chocolate Cheesecake
A no-baked whipped malt chocolate cheesecake with brown butter polvoron
Ginataan Sundae
Ube, coconut, caramel corn and whip cream

My dessert selection was the jackfruit creme brûlée. You may be asking what is jackfruit?  This is a jackfruit.  You eat the pieces in the middle. It’s sweet and little bit chewy in texture.  open-jackfruit-showing-bulbs

Lamesa took the fruit and made this mini dessert.  Love that crunchy sugar top. IMG_8454 IMG_8455

Yet another great meal at Lamesa.  Their sisig will probably always remain one of my go to’s unless some other place comes up with something better or I visit the Philippines to get my fix.  The ribs were amazing.  Fall off the bone super soft and can we talk about the portions?!  I was glad the creme brûlée was tiny because I ran out of room after the 2nd or 3rd rib piece.  It was so much food.

Success at Lamesa this night! =)