Joh vs. Food – The CNE Chronicles 2013

It’s that time of year again! The CNE is in full swing. Unofficially symbolizing the end of summer, this event gives me prime time for eating. A two day event for me, the food extravaganza began with food truck frenzy.

20130829-213542.jpg Food Truck lineups.

20130829-213736.jpg My beloved gnocchi poutine. How I dream of you always! My FAVE!!!!

20130829-213822.jpg Lamb Barbacoa from Nazca truck. Nicely seasoned.

20130829-213926.jpg Nutella bombs from Food Dudes. Amazeballs!!! Nutella and banana bread? No joke! Delish!

20130829-214023.jpg Did you say fro-yo? I’m down!


20130829-214129.jpg Asian tacos from Far East Taco. This one is a fish taco.

20130829-214219.jpg This one is Bulgogi. This one will be a yearly item from now on. So good!

20130829-214359.jpg Waffle ice cream!


20130829-214524.jpg Corned beef sandwich. Simple, but yummy.

20130829-214621.jpg Beaver tail!


20130829-214747.jpg Crunchy clams!

20130829-214829.jpg Hanging in the beer garden.

20130829-214856.jpg Introduced to a new beer – Granville Island pale ale. So smooth. Refreshing.

20130829-215016.jpg It wasn’t all about food. Check out this years sand sculptures. My fave was the one titled watching time. Something haunting about it.

20130829-215134.jpg Tight rope walkers and my beacon, the CN Tower.


20130829-215321.jpg Perogies and a cabbage roll, always on the food list.

20130829-215432.jpg A Nutella place!!! Hello heaven!


20130829-215527.jpg This is The Bananza – Fried banana, Nutella, peanut butter, marshmallows, strawberries and jam. Why did I never think to make this!!!??? Drool.


Another year done. Until the next food feast. Can’t wait to see what yummy creations appear in 2014. =)

Oakville Waterfront Festival

It was a long weekend here and I started mine off by heading west of my hood to hang out with some Peeps in their neck of the woods and check out the Oakville Waterfront Festival. It was a perfect weather day and I got my tan on all while enjoying some food truck offerings.

It’s food truck lane, slowly packing them in.


A lamb burger from Crossroads Diner. Nicely spiced.



Concert stage, shopping and sand castles.



More food. My favourite of the day. Ossobuco gnocchi poutine. Delicious!



Ice cream and mini wheats. Sure, why not?



I love this truck’s name and the risotto balls were pretty tasty too. Amazing tomato sauce.


I love being by the water. Beautiful blue skies. Boats going by and in the far distance you can Toronto -requires a zoom in.




Love this guy too – it’s wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.

More food. Pulled pork tacos, second fave of the day.


A bit more desert before going home. I hit up San Remo Bakery . Ordered an apple fritter (a suggestion from a Peep) and I wanted a cannoli. I did however want a custard filled cannoli (top picture). Opened the box and discovered she had given me regular cannolis. I suppose a miscommunication however, I still have a craving for the custard ones, so I will be making another trip back. The regular ones were yummy and I loved the texture of the apple fritter, super soft in the middle and crunchy caramelized outside with nice apple pieces.


I’ve been dreaming of the gnocchi poutine. I hope my path crosses with that truck again soon. =)

Joh vs. Food : CNE Food Fest – Part One Cont’d

CNE visit número uno is complete. Eight hours of food truck frenzy fun times with my buds C, baby K and E with a little shopping thrown in. The goal today was to hit up all the Food Trucks set up on the CNE fairgrounds. This 3 day gathering of street food vendors is a first and hopefully a newly adopted tradition of my beloved CNE.

The line up of food trucks along Princess Blvd.




We wandered up and down the lineup to get a feel for the menus as some were unknown to us. We were starving for lunch so the first visit was to Stuft Gourmet Sausages.


Their specialty is homemade sausages “Stuft” into some soft bread. The choice today was spinach feta lamb/beef sausage with the 4 cheese sauce.


Flavourful sausage and the bread was similar to a French baguette, super soft. A little weird looking but it was a good start.


Per Se Mobile was next.



The big seller was the shrimp tacos.


Corn tortilla, lime, tomatoes, red onions, green onions and of course shrimp. Fresh and light.

Dessert time now. Pretty Sweet Cupcake Truck for a cupcake. Apple caramel and chocolate hazelnut.


Cream cheese icing on both. Moist and decadent cupcakes. Really good.

Snack time. Meat empanada and beer battered mahi mahi fish tacos at Gourmet Gringos





Both with a bit of kick. Chipotle mayo complements the fish which isn’t greasy at all.

Next door is Fidel Gastros not Castros…GASTROS.


I decided to get my pulled pork fix but not with an ordinary pulled pork sandwich, but with the Gorgeous Jorge – peanut butter pulled pork with bacon jam.

20120825-011457.jpg If you’re thinking sweet, stop. So not sweet at all. Actually more on the salty side with some crispness from the bacon and toasted bun.

Taking a break from the trucks. Walking around the International Pavillion, picked up some lemonade

Yummy hazelnut coffee for a pick me up.

And tried these British chips…not really my fave…my pal C liked them lots…it’s an acquired taste…


Let’s get back to the trucks. Cupcake time, round two at Sweetness Bakery. I went for the creamsicle.



20120825-012303.jpgButtercream orange icing on a vanilla cupcake. Great colour.

Still not down for the count yet…Gourmet Bitches …you’re up.

Gluten free food for those concerned with that.

Pork taco time.

20120825-013107.jpg Super fresh and light as well, juicy pork.

It’s the home stretch…the best food truck item of the night and probably one of the best things I have ever tasted. Blue Donkey Streatery is the winner of the night


Ouzo mayo calamari in a pita

20120825-013703.jpg Soft pita stuffed with fresh thick tomato slices, fries, breaded calamari rings and a garlic mayo ouzo sauce. Perfectly cooked calamari, soft not chewy. Crispy fries. And let’s talk sauce…omg ouzo garlic mayo…OMG…so garlicky, so rich…SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Try it!!!!

Not quite done yet, although nothing could top that calamari pita, no night is complete without ice cream


Sweet endings.

My new little friend agrees…


Support the food trucks when you see them. The food is new, tasty and inventive. There is more to street eating than just hot dogs. The people who run these trucks are super nice and it’s amazing to see their take on food.

Bring on the food building next week =)