Someone Made It, I Ate It – Barque Smokehouse

Barque Smokehouse is a BBQ joint located at 299 Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto.

For over a year, I would pass this establishment as I rode the streetcar to my weekend baking class and I would notice the full restaurant and sometimes line up outside and wonder…Why wasn’t I eating there at that moment?!

I finally got my chance to try it on a dinner outing with some Peeps from work and a Peep from college.

Some restaurant ambiance.  No pretension here, just a cool neighbourhood food joint.

IMG_8337_fotor IMG_8325

Apricot wheat beer.

Since there were 4 of us, we opted to pair off and order sampler plates of two.  This plate did not stay empty for long. IMG_8328

For my pair’s sampler plate we opted for Brisket, Italian Sausage, 1/2 rack of dry rub ribs, with sides of smoked asparagus, creamy smoked cauliflower and potatoes served in mini skillets.



The brisket was awesome, so tender and soft.  The sausage was well grilled and smoky.  Although the ribs were delicious, I am a fan of fall off the bone ribs and these were not.  The sides were interesting and not anything I have ever had elsewhere.  Quite inventive flavours and textures there.

Of course, dessert was a must and seeing as we were in the Roncesvalles area, I knew of a newly opened Ed’s Real Scoop location just down the street.  I made it no secret that we were absolutely going here.  A terrific new store with all the delicious ice cream flavours I have come to know and love.  This visit, I opted for the chocolate cheesecake and butter pecan.  So good, I did a jig!

IMG_8343 IMG_8349 IMG_8350 IMG_8354

Ahh, so full of yummy goodness. I will definitely be back to both places! =)

A Bacon Kind of Day

Have I mentioned that I am a marketer’s dream?  The other day someone sat beside me drinking a coffee from Tim Horton’s.  I immediately needed to have one too and bee-lined to the closest Timmy’s beside my work to get one, only to realize, that it only tasted meh and I could have done without the excess sugar and caffeine.

I received my latest issue of Food Network magazine.  This  month’s issue…BACON.  What did I do?  Bee-line to the grocery store to buy some bacon. What was the outcome of this bacon?

Breakfast started with bacon, cheese and egg cups.  Four ramekins lined with bacon, a little cheese and an egg.  Baked for about half an hour.  The best things about breakfast all in one piece. IMG_7067







For lunch, a bacon, apple wrapped pork loin with apple butter.  First I took a pork loin, sprinkled with salt and pepper.  I cut a groove down the middle and spread some apple butter on the pork loin.  IMG_7068


I sliced some apples and laid them across the pork loin. IMG_7070

Now time to wrap this present with some bacon.  Secured with some toothpicks to keep the bacon in place. IMG_7072

I baked the pork loin for about 40 minutes. IMG_7084



Deliciously moist with a terrific salty sweet contrast between the bacon and the apple.  A side of some grilled asparagus.  Lunch is done. IMG_7092


The day is not complete without some dessert.  Oh yes, my dessert included bacon.  Maple Bacon Crunch ice cream from Ed’s Real Scoop…the best ice cream in town!! IMG_7094

Everything is good with BACON!! =)

Momiji, Ice Cream & Malbecs

I was treated to an awesome sushi dinner to celebrate my birthday at Momiji Japanese Restaurant this past Friday. It had been a long time since I had visited this establishment. My previous experience went well, so I was looking forward to this meal.

What did we eat? Started with some miso soup and a salad.



Then arrived the Love Bridge – Chef’s selection of assorted sushi, spider rolls and spicy roll. Check this out…




Not only was the sushi well presented – I was a big fan of the fire – it tasted amazing. Prefect crunch of the spider roll, nice heat in the spicy roll and freshness of the fish. We ate it all. Very satisfying.



Always dessert. Ice cream at Cafe Demetre


A strawberry sundae and Tiramisu ice cream both with some waffle embellishment



Ended with a drink. I’m testing out some Malbecs. I’m looking for the best one. First up was this Trivento Malbec. Made in Mendoza, Argentina, it has aromas of blackfruit plus a hint of pepper and spice. Well balanced with ripe blackfruit flavours and soft tannins on the finish. It is an extra dry wine and not one for my fave list.


Next…Pascual Toso Limited Edition Malbec. This dry wine with aromas of plum and blueberry with spice and peppery notes was pleasing to the nose and taste buds. This one goes on the good list.


My 3 faves – sushi, ice cream and Malbec – all in one night. I am thankful. =)