Easter Baking Insanity

Baking inspiration for me comes in waves sparked by different things.  Sometimes,  it’s out of necessity i.e.: a specific baking request from someone for an event.  Sometimes,  it’s because I have seen something on tv or in a book and want to try it.  Sometimes, I bake something as a present for people in my life that I care about.  Sometimes,  it’s because I crave something and I would rather make it than buy it.  And sometimes, it’ just because I have stuff in my kitchen I want to use up.

Easter weekend was a combination for baking for those I care about and wanting to use up ingredients in my kitchen.  I decided to put together some Easter gift bags for the my little nieces and nephews and their parents (my friends) got some treats too.

Not sure what made me think I would eat 3 pints of strawberries.  Clearly I was enticed by the juicy redness and sweet smell they emitted.   They became more ripe by the day and I realized the time to use them up was now or they would be banished to the composter.   The result was strawberry muffins. Perfect for breakfast or a quick afternoon pick up.


How beautifully red are these berries?!




All ready for the oven


Just took them out. Smells like berries and sugar.

Being Easter, of course I had bags of Easter candy lying around.  Cadbury Mini Eggs are always a favourite.   Having already devoured bags of other sweets, I had to use these up somehow and get rid of them or risk going into a sugar overdose.  Why not make cookies with them!  A different spin on the traditional chocolate chip cookie.


All mixed up.  Adding the mini eggs last and letting the mixer do its thing.  Some stay whole, others get crushed.  But it’s all chocolatey goodness. 


So hard to leave these alone to let them cool.  


So worth the wait. 

I used to be a notorious breakfast skipper.  Nothing but a coffee until noon.  Those days are gone and even if I don’t feel like it, I force myself to have something more substantial than just caffeine.  Lately, I’ve become obsessed with overnight oats (post to come).  So, of course, this meant tons of oatmeal on hand.  But oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast.  It’s also for cookies!


Classic oatmeal chocolate chips waiting to go into the oven.


I love how they spread out and their crispy edges, soft middles. Look at all the mini choco chips!


I kept this one for me.  Doesn’t it look like a heart? Kinda?  #seeitineverything

The Easter gift bags were a success and the little cookie monsters seemed excited about their treats and that made me smile.



Mini Oreo Stuffed Oatmeal Cookies

Made some dinner shindig snacks. I had a request for Oreo stuffed cookies by the dinner host a while back. No better time to make them than now.

The recipe begins by taking butter and sugar – brown and white


And whipping them until light and fluffy. The butter just expands when it is whipped.


Add 2 eggs and some vanilla


Once the eggs were mixed in, I folded in the dry ingredients including oatmeal by hand.

20120721 -214759.jpg

The batter was chilled for about 30 minutes. This made it easier to envelope the mini Oreos. One could definitely use regular sized Oreos too.




I baked them for about 12 minutes or just until they began to brown along the edges. Let them cool for a few minutes. They will continue to bake from the residual heat.


Mmmmmmm Oreo middle =)