San Francisco Tidbits – Day Four

My final full day in San Fran. It’s market day!!

Made way to the Ferry Building Marketplace.

At this market you will find local farmers showing off their crops, little shops selling specialty gourmet items and best of all, it is a food haven!!

The Ferry Building Marketplace is located along the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street. It is the center of a transit hub that connects all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods and the surrounding bay communities.

Fresh vegetables and flowers:


Nuts galore!


Food vendors waiting for the lunch time rush:

The noodle place seemed to be very popular judging by the number of people who sat nearby.

Inside the ferry building was light and airy. Having arrived early, the crowd was still thin, which I was thankful for.




Tasty salted pig parts!?




Beef pot pies from here:



Buttery pie crust was delicious and the filling super tasty.
Also tried some wild boar chili. A little bit of a kick.


And of course there was dessert from Miette. Ice cream sandwich as recommended by a local. Salted chocolate in a wafer cookie.



A trip to San Fran is not complete until you visit Boudin Bakery and have their clam chowder in their famous sourdough bread bowl.

Creamy chowder full of clams, no filler. Freshly made sourdough. I ate it all!

Later in the evening opted for the Croque Monsieur sandwich at the Food Emporium. A mixture of melted cheeses, ham and bechamel sauce. Not one of my best choices I will admit.


But redemption was found in eating one of these cream puffs from Beard Papa. Chocolate filled cream puff. I should have also ordered a vanilla filled cream puff too!





My San Francisco trip is officially over and I have had a terrific time exploring its streets – both uphill and down. Even though the fog rolled in on my Golden Gate Bridge visit day, it did not dampen my spirits. I was well fed and I look forward to coming back again someday. =)

San Francisco Tidbits – Day Three

Before I fully get into day three in the city, just have to throw in my pretzel from the Giants game on day two. I had issues posting my blog last night and the pic did not post properly. So here it is:


Now I feel better about the pretzel and day two is complete.

On to Day Three. Today was all about shopping and penny press machines. The focus was to hit up Chinatown – home to many penny press machines, then off to Fisherman’s Wharf and then some shops around Union Square.

Dim Sum in Chinatown was the goal. Goal accomplished!

Fittingly enough, ended up at House of Dim Sum and ordered all my dim sum faves – shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, pot stickers, sticky rice with chicken wrapped in banana leaf and BBQ pork buns:

They make pot stickers big here! Really enjoyed the BBQ pork bun and my absolute favorite shrimp dumplings did not disappoint.

Time to explore Fisherman’s Wharf. The piers are a lively place. Tons of touristy shops, seafood restaurants and a great ocean breeze. Pier 39 was the hub of activity and the next top for food:


I opted for some fish and chips. Specifically sour dough crumb crusted fish. The fish was super fresh and crumbs crispy.


Some bright fruit colors, cherries and strawberries for sale:




Even after leaving the pier, I was still wanting to eat something seafood related. Fish tacos caught my attention. Back to the Food Emporium at Westfield.

No ordinary food court. When you order food you get a pager to tell you when your food is ready to be picked up:


Catch Isle was my choice for the evening. Yummy fish tacos!



You have to love a mall that allows a bottle of wine to be consumed with dinner!


Well, I had my wine, but back at the hotel and for free! Gotta love a hotel that has happy hour everyday! Hotel Union Square


A day is not complete without some ice cream. San Francisco is home to Ghirardelli , the chocolate makers. So not surprising, there are Ghirardelli ice cream shops all over. I have been craving an ice cream cookie sandwich for a couple of weeks now. How perfect that I could order a cookie bottom sundae – chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. One of the creamiest vanilla ice creams I have ever had.


A sweet way to end day three.

Oh but wait, check out all my pennies!!


Bring on day four. =)

San Francisco Tidbits – Day Two

Day two in San Fran brought with it the Giants game and Alcatraz.

Had great seats to the game along left field and got to watch the Giants beat the Brewers 4-3.


What’s a game without a hot dog:


And a cold beer:



Something I wish the stadium in my hometown had was more diversity in game day food. These US stadiums know how to feed their fans – Mexican, Italian and even Chinese food take their place beside hot dogs and French fries. I even saw loaded garlic fries, bring out the mints!! Or better yet, a S’mores sandwich just waiting to be grilled in the panini press:


I decided to partake in a beef brisket sandwich:


Juicy, tender beef brisket, a pickle and some mustard – the mustard dispenser was near empty, which explains the mustard blobs.

Back from Alcatraz and no food for about 4 hours meant a late dinner back near the hotel. Decided to hit up Lori’s Diner , a diner that seemed to appear all over the city. Decorated in the style of the 50s with juke boxes in the booths and bright cars:




I opted for the Snapper Piccata – snapper in a lemon sauce with capers and veggies:


Day two is done, bring on day 3!