Bow Tie Themed Birthday

My friend Esmond from work celebrated his birthday in August.  His lovely wife, Ju, knowing how well liked he is around the office, contacted me about making a cake for him to be shared by all his peers.

After hearing some of Ju’s ideas for a cake theme, I decided to go with a bow tie theme in honour of the times Esmond showed up to work with his.

 2 layer vanilla cake with strawberry filling


My attempt at a fondant bow-tie.  Blue, of course.


Note: Esmond does not wear a blue polka dot bow tie, he has much better style.

IMG_3249 IMG_3252 IMG_3253

Now, this cake was a surprise for Esmond and I needed the help of a few in the office to distract him so we could quickly “decorate”, gather everyone to his desk and have the cake waiting.  This was the reaction as he made his way back from the other side of the office.

I’d say he was surprised!

IMG_3262 IMG_3268

Happy Birthday Es!! =)

By Special Request – Another Birthday Shortcake

Yet another request for a birthday strawberry shortcake – my third. This one belongs to a friend of mine from work whose birthday is apparently this weekend…but shhh, it’s a secret. The team knows the secret and we will eating cake tomorrow!

20130618-210829.jpg Went with a buttery yellow cake, strawberry purée added to the batter.

20130618-210919.jpg Sliced berries for the layers.



20130618-210957.jpg Layering and layering some more.

20130618-211138.jpg Real whipped cream.


Happy Birthday Rainier! =)

Happy Birthday Princess C

My friend’s daughter turned 3. Like many little girls her age, C is all about princesses right now. My friend asked if I could bake C a birthday cake, specifically a princess themed cake. I’m not one to turn down a chance to practice so of course I said yes. This is me making my first princess cake!

So remember, it began with this: Hmmm

Next was to bake the cakes:


Next I did some slicing:


And then some whipping:


Yes, it is a strawberry shortcake princess cake.

Assembly time. Cake, whipped cream, strawberries, repeat.


Now the fun part – Decorating!

So Barbie goes in the middle. Pink whipped cream icing all around:


Using my piping bag and a small star tip, I covered the bodice of the doll and added some blue trim:


Some more blue trim and silver balls for some shine:


And then you have a princess cake!!



I won’t forget how wide C’s eyes became as I bought the cake to the table. She was so excited. She knew it was a Barbie immediately and loved the crown. She was amazed that she could eat cake and get a doll too. She asked for seconds so I think my cake was a hit.

Happy Birthday Princess C!! =)