Green Living Show 2016

About 3 weeks ago, I was able to attend the Green Living Show in Toronto.  It was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The Green Living Show is Canada’s largest consumer show dedicated to all things green.  This show is a great place to discover tons of eco-friendly, products, places, services and food.  There were food vendors focused on using sustainable ingredients.  Clothiers who used re-cycled materials like old leather jackets to make other things.  Companies focused on making homes more eco-friendly and efficient.

What was also terrific is that by using my Live Green Card, I was able to attend the event for free!  The Live Green Card is a discount card. Simply show your card to get deals on eco-friendly products and services at more than 500 businesses in Toronto.  The card is free and there’s even an app!

What’s great about the Green Living Show is that it provided a way for people to drop off old, unused electrical equipment i.e.  old cell phones, cordless phone or laptops.  By doing so, you could also gain free admission.  My peep C dropped off an old broken cordless phone and was allowed in for free too.  Before we proceeded up to the show, we participated in a survey and were given a free eco-friendly power bar!  Score!!


The Metro Toronto Convention Centre was buzzing.  There was a strong energy among the eclectic group of visitors today.  We collected our free re-useable bag (which came in so handy as the day wore on) and began to get the lay of the land.

Of course it began with food.   There was an area blocked off that served as the “food court” for this event.  Called the Pollinators’ Plate, the focus was on local food especially affected by pollinator’s i.e.: bees.  Did you know bees are in decline?

This year’s show  made sure to make it a point to hi-light this important issue.  Bees and other pollinating insects play an essential role in ecosystems. A third of all our food depends on their pollination. A world without pollinators would be devastating for food production!


Currency for food and drink


Fried chicken sliders with pickled cucumbers, coleslaw and blue cheese dressing from Hey Meatball.  Everything but the chicken and bread is affected by pollinators


Garlic & mushroom arancini in an heirloom tomato sauce.  Impacted by Pollinators: Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil. Provided by Keith Hoare and the Thistletown Collegiate high school chefs

I have to say, I wish that when I was in high school, I had been able to experience a chef program like the students at this school.  This is not the first time I have had the pleasure of sampling food provided by these young chefs.  Awesome job!  To get some insight, click here. 

After lunch, comes shopping.  It was vendor overload here.  Hours could be spent at one booth just looking and talking to the host.  I was able to come away with some cool things!


Bought this cool casual purse from Mrs. Greenway a store that focuses on supplying enviro-friendly and natural products for everyone.   They sell cleaning products, personal care, clothing and even pet care items.   My purse above is made from recycled leather jackets and bed sheets!


This was an unexpected purchase.  I have a ton of water bottles at home.  All plastic, none compare to this one.  While I was waiting for my friend, I wandered over to the Green’s Your Colour booth.  I proceeded to watch the rep do his demonstration.  He had put ice in a bottle earlier at 7AM.  It was now about 2 in the afternoon and the ice was still frozen.  In another, he had hot coffee, again from 7AM.  It was still steaming hot.  Were my eyes deceiving me?  I did walk away with one in the end as did my friend who purchased one for both her and her young son.  The website boasts 36 hours of cold water.  It did not lie.  I have been using mine steadily since my date of purchase and I remain amazed each time I take a sip.  I will enjoy taking this with me on hot summer day outings and knowing I will have ice-cold water to beat the heat.

I purchased these snacks on the recommendation from my friend.  Made Good granola minis are made in a dedicated facility free from the 8 common allergens: peanut, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish and shellfish. They are also organic, gluten-free, Non-GMO project verified and contain the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables from six different sources. Granola Minis are the portable, pop-able snack packed with nutrition and flavour. These wholesome bites come in five yummy varieties and make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up at school or on the go.  They also make bars.  These can be purchased at all major grocery stores.  I am already down to my last two bags. I keep them in my work bag and snack on them while on my car ride home each day.  I am partial to the chocolate banana for the moment.  Though I think the chocolate chip may win my heart in the end.


Taking a breather in some green living space.  I put that re-useable bag to use!  


There was tons of sampling.  Got this box of Mac and Cheese for free!! 



Ice cold mango treat! 

After a long busy day at the Green Living Show, some yummy cider from Brickworks Ciderhouse.  Yes, the 4 were mine.  The 1 in the back was not.  I had a ton of tickets left and it was yummy and refreshing.  How could I not!?

It was a great time at the show.  I discovered some new products and learned about some new ways to help the enviroment.  Can’t wait for next year! =)


Joh vs. Food – CNE Chronicles 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

I hope you sang that line…you know… like that Xmas song and the Staples jingle?  No? Yes? Ok. Moving on…I’m not talking Xmas or back to school.  I’m talking about my favourite time of the year…CNE time!!

The news broke about the new food items at the CNE a few days before opening.  I was quite impressed with this year’s offerings and of course was very excited to try as many of them as my stomach could handle.

The day began early, just after the opening.  Always best to get there early and avoid the food line ups. The first meal of the day was from Far East Taco.  I selected the kalbi and bulgogi bao, both items I have eaten in previous years.  I’ve always enjoyed them, but this year I definitely noticed a difference.  The bao was much bigger, fluffier, but I found that it overwhelmed the filling.  Still made a good breakfast however. IMG_3385

Now it was time to start trying the new food offerings.  First up was Bub’s Bad @SS Burgers and the beef patty cheeseburger.  Yes, you heard me, a cheeseburger with a split beef patty as the bun.  Quite a tasty burger.  Seasoned well.  A nice change to the typical cheeseburger.


Next up, Jake’s Lobster for some garlic snow crab fries.  My FAVE of the day.  The fries were perfectly crispy and never got soggy.  The garlic aioli was delish, though there could have been a bit more of it.  The feathery shredded crab generously covered the fries like snow.  I’m craving this right now.


Always time for some drinks.  Some vodka lemonade at the beach bar and then a nice glass of cab merlot at the wine bar near the shopping area.


After all the savoury, it was time for some sweet.  Out to the midway to find some deep-fried cheesecake.  Creamy vanilla cheesecake, dipped in batter and fried perfectly.  Then back to the food building for some deep-fried red velvet Oreos.  I expected them to have a redder hue, but no matter, they still tasted great.  I am a sucker for Oreos.


Time for deep-fried gnocchi.  Pillowy potato nuggets with a slight crisp dipped in some tangy marinara sauce.  A good snack.


Chicken waffle on a stick was something new this year too.  Isn’t everything better on a stick?  Enjoyable.  Some fruity sherbet as a palate cleanser.

Eating at the CNE may have ended, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t continue to eat at home.  Had to get some Jamaican oxtail with rice and peas.  I was disappointed last year (they sold out), so I was determined to get some this year (tears would have been shed if I didn’t).  Craving satisfied.

Lastly, I needed some Filipino snacks.  Banana Turon – plantain banana, rolled in brown sugar, wrapped in a spring roll wrapper and fried to a golden colour.  When I see this anywhere (including my parents house), it always comes home with me and I can eat a ton of it.  FAVE!  And then there was ukoy – a shrimp fritter made with thinly sliced potatoes, some bean sprouts, dipped in batter then fried and eaten dipped in garlic vinegar.  I rarely eat this outside of the CNE, so it is definitely a nice treat for me.


Yet another successful CNE eating event.  Was able to eat all the new food items I wanted to try.  Threw in some shopping and laughs on top.  It was a fantastic time. =)

Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival

I simply love summer in Toronto.  The city comes alive as people start to emerge from winter hibernation and there is always a festival or gathering going on.  So many ways to spend time with people and explore the great city of Toronto.

The first day of summer 2014 coincided with the Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival, the city’s first outdoor wine & spirit festival which has been around for 6 years.   Held at Sugar Beach, located on Toronto’s Waterfront, it was a perfect day for some socializing, wine tasting and tanning at the same time!

This way to the festival!


Tagged and have cup.  Time to sample.


Sugar Beach – pink umbrellas, live music and plenty of people and sand.

IMG_8269 IMG_8286

There was food to be eaten.  Had to try the lobster poutine from the Lobster Shack.  Delicious crispy tater tots, thick chunks of lobster and melted cheese.

IMG_8274 IMG_8271

Braised Beef pierogies from the Saucy Pierogi.  Soft tasty beef and a rich gravy sauce.  Sauerkraut on the side. IMG_8299 IMG_8301 IMG_8303

Fall off the bone ribs by Del Fico Catering and Creemore BBQ.  One of the better ribs I’ve had ever.  Friendly servers made the wait in line enjoyable.  IMG_8288 IMG_8289 IMG_8291

And of course there was wine and other spirits.  For just a few tickets, lots of sampling could be done.  And lots of sampling did happen…


Some of my personal favourites – a crazy concoction created with Wiser’s spiced whiskey.  We watched the rep mix up an entire bottle of whiskey, 5 bottles of beer, lime juice and a syrup of some sort to create a strange yet yummy mixture.  I also enjoyed a new product by Jack Daniel’s, I suppose a girly way to enjoy some whiskey without even realizing it.  Their Down home punch and Lynchburg Lemonade were quite delicious.

IMG_8297 IMG_8306 IMG_8307

A terrific day relaxing in the sun, catching up with Peeps, enjoying the city as the sun set over it.  Welcome Summer!  So happy to see you again! =)