Niagara Wine Weekend – Part II

The Ultimate Food, Beer and Wine Tour run by Niagara Vintage Wine Tours continued on with our next stop at Silversmith Brewery. Housed in a historic, converted church, Silversmith Brewery is an independently owned, small craft brewery located in Niagara and has been producing beer since 2011.

First off, I have to say that I love that this craft brewery made its home in a church.  Talk about charm!


View from the outside




Love that little stained glass window.  Check out all the merchandise for sale.  

Upon entering, we were seated at a long table down the middle.  We paired off and the servers proceeded to give us our beer flights and set down our food platter.


So cozy!


Wine Menu 


Food platter from up top – Montreal smoked meat, blue cheese and aged cheddar, chicken pate with cranberries and pistachios, trout pate, pickled garlic stems, awesome mustard, beer nuts and crackers

Ok, so this was only the second stop and I was already impressed with the food provided.  I am in agreement when they say this is an Ultimate food and beer and wine tour.  None of these foods did I ever think would be served with beer.

Let’s start with the beer – Bavarian breakfast wheat, black lager, Golden Ale and British Pale Ale.

For me, I ended up liking the beers in pretty much the order they were served.  They were all light, even the black lager which surprised my nicely.  The Black lager had a nice coffee/cocoa finish.  I generally don’t like dark beers but this one is one I would have again.  The Bavarian breakfast wheat was smooth, definitely the type of beer I drink.  The other two had a bit of a bitter finish, but would be perfect cold on a hot summer’s day.


Our food pairings.  Let’s give it up for the trout mousse.  My mouth waters as I think of this savoury spread.   Top corner was a chicken pate with cranberries and pistachios.  Had a little sweetness which I always love in a food.  Can’t go wrong with blue cheese – my fave!  Look at all that Montreal smoked meat and the awesome mustard that went with it.  In case you’re wondering, the green thing is a pickled garlic stem.  It was a joy to try these different flavours.  I dream of the trout mousse and chicken pate.  Swoon.


Beautiful colours of beer.  

I highly enjoyed the location and atmosphere of Silversmith Brewery.  The food was unique and something I have not had before.  This made this experience so worth while.  And those beers! Thanks for introducing me to a dark lager that I actually would drink again!

Stay tuned for part III – Rancourt Winery =)

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