Project Avocado Plant – 7 Months

So recall Abe from last month?

Check out Abe today! =)

20130110-201931.jpg Crazy root system.


20130110-202027.jpg Actual leaves!

20130110-202043.jpg Abe is so tall!

Looks like it will be time to move Abe into a pot with soil. Until next update…

Project Avocado Plant – 6 Months

I was beginning to wonder about Abe. He seemed to be doing nothing. No big growth. So, I stopped really paying attention. I watered Abe, when I remembered. But Abe just blended in with the surroundings.

Well, last night, I actually paid attention. Check out Abe now!

20121213-193356.jpg Look at all the roots!


20121213-193442.jpg A new stem! Seems like it appeared out of nowhere!

Now here’s my question…do I move Abe to a planter with soil? What now?