Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival

I simply love summer in Toronto.  The city comes alive as people start to emerge from winter hibernation and there is always a festival or gathering going on.  So many ways to spend time with people and explore the great city of Toronto.

The first day of summer 2014 coincided with the Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival, the city’s first outdoor wine & spirit festival which has been around for 6 years.   Held at Sugar Beach, located on Toronto’s Waterfront, it was a perfect day for some socializing, wine tasting and tanning at the same time!

This way to the festival!


Tagged and have cup.  Time to sample.


Sugar Beach – pink umbrellas, live music and plenty of people and sand.

IMG_8269 IMG_8286

There was food to be eaten.  Had to try the lobster poutine from the Lobster Shack.  Delicious crispy tater tots, thick chunks of lobster and melted cheese.

IMG_8274 IMG_8271

Braised Beef pierogies from the Saucy Pierogi.  Soft tasty beef and a rich gravy sauce.  Sauerkraut on the side. IMG_8299 IMG_8301 IMG_8303

Fall off the bone ribs by Del Fico Catering and Creemore BBQ.  One of the better ribs I’ve had ever.  Friendly servers made the wait in line enjoyable.  IMG_8288 IMG_8289 IMG_8291

And of course there was wine and other spirits.  For just a few tickets, lots of sampling could be done.  And lots of sampling did happen…


Some of my personal favourites – a crazy concoction created with Wiser’s spiced whiskey.  We watched the rep mix up an entire bottle of whiskey, 5 bottles of beer, lime juice and a syrup of some sort to create a strange yet yummy mixture.  I also enjoyed a new product by Jack Daniel’s, I suppose a girly way to enjoy some whiskey without even realizing it.  Their Down home punch and Lynchburg Lemonade were quite delicious.

IMG_8297 IMG_8306 IMG_8307

A terrific day relaxing in the sun, catching up with Peeps, enjoying the city as the sun set over it.  Welcome Summer!  So happy to see you again! =)

Mabuhay Philippines Festival

Mabuhay is a greeting meaning Long Live. This weekend’s adventure took me back to Toronto’s waterfront to check out the Mabuhay Philippines Festival.

Not living with my parents means not being able to eat home cooked Filipino food as often as I used to. And seeing as I don’t cook any myself, it was necessary that I go get my fix at this festival. It was a two day affair for me. One day wasn’t enough to satisfy.

My fave CN Tower, peeking through the trees.


Delicious BBQ chicken and pork skewers. Even better on my 2nd visit. Also some Palabok – a rice noodle dish with a shrimp based sauce and some Lumpia Shanghai – meat rolls.


Not a Filipino beer but still good while sitting out and enjoying the view.


Again, not Filipino, but a custard filled donut enveloped in chocolate.


Back to the Filipino food, here’s some Longanisa – sweet pork sausage – and some white rice. Love this for breakfast.


Sweets table – puto, ube, palitaw and kutsinta – many made with rice flour, coconut, sugar, purple yam – and all delicious.


I took home some cassava cake.


And had some refreshing juices. Friday I had melon, Saturday I tried the buko pandan – young coconut.


I came back for Pinakbet – a veggie dish and enjoyed some Pancit – thin noodles and so good.


Another fantastic festival and great time spent at Harbourfront. Love it! =)

Oakville Waterfront Festival

It was a long weekend here and I started mine off by heading west of my hood to hang out with some Peeps in their neck of the woods and check out the Oakville Waterfront Festival. It was a perfect weather day and I got my tan on all while enjoying some food truck offerings.

It’s food truck lane, slowly packing them in.


A lamb burger from Crossroads Diner. Nicely spiced.



Concert stage, shopping and sand castles.



More food. My favourite of the day. Ossobuco gnocchi poutine. Delicious!



Ice cream and mini wheats. Sure, why not?



I love this truck’s name and the risotto balls were pretty tasty too. Amazing tomato sauce.


I love being by the water. Beautiful blue skies. Boats going by and in the far distance you can Toronto -requires a zoom in.




Love this guy too – it’s wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.

More food. Pulled pork tacos, second fave of the day.


A bit more desert before going home. I hit up San Remo Bakery . Ordered an apple fritter (a suggestion from a Peep) and I wanted a cannoli. I did however want a custard filled cannoli (top picture). Opened the box and discovered she had given me regular cannolis. I suppose a miscommunication however, I still have a craving for the custard ones, so I will be making another trip back. The regular ones were yummy and I loved the texture of the apple fritter, super soft in the middle and crunchy caramelized outside with nice apple pieces.


I’ve been dreaming of the gnocchi poutine. I hope my path crosses with that truck again soon. =)