Sunday Morning Mini Tea Biscuits

In the air:
David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj – Turn Me On

Kaskade feat. Marcus Bently – Let Me Go

This morning I felt like re-visiting a recipe from my Baking Arts class from a year ago. It was the recipe for tea biscuits. The required ingredients were flour,baking powder, shortening,water, milk powder,eggs, sugar,salt and currants.

The dry ingredients were sifted and mixed with the shortening until a mealy mixture was achieved. Then I added the wet ingredients and the currants. I transferred the dough to a flour surface and worked it gently to form a ball.


I then rolled it out so that I could use a round cookie cutter to cut the tea biscuits.



A little egg wash prior to baking:


15 minutes later we have mini tea biscuits! In terms of texture and flavour they turned out exactly like the ones churned out in bake class. The only difference is that these were small since I rolled out the dough much thinner so they were not as thick. Still good for a quick snack =)



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